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Employability Solutions

“Staff routinely go the extra mile to help families so that pupils can overcome their often considerable barriers to learning”

“Pupils make considerable improvements in their attendance after starting the school”
“Safeguarding and pastoral care are excellent. Pupils are protected and well supported by a vigilant and caring staff, who have their interests at heart”
“Pupils feel happy at this school. Leaders have established a friendly and supportive environment.”
“Many pupils arrive at the school low in self-esteem and confidence. They told inspectors that they feel valued and understood by staff in this setting. Teachers help pupils and students to gain confidence and believe in themselves again.”
“Pupils know that adults will help them if they have any worries or concerns. Leaders deal with any incidents of bullying effectively.”
“Leaders have designed an inspiring curriculum.”
“Leaders ensure that the additional needs of pupils with SEND are identified early. Teachers skilfully adapt the delivery of the curriculum so that pupils with SEND can learn well alongside their peers.”
“Leaders provide pupils with effective careers advice. Even though some pupils are
only at the school for a relatively short period of time, they leave better prepared for
their next steps.”
“Leaders are passionate about providing a range of enrichment experiences for pupils beyond the classroom.”
“Pupils learn how to manage potential risks to their safety.”
“The school supports the most disaffected young people in society and welcomes them with love and care.”
“It is the school’s primary objective to rebuild their confidence and instil in them the understanding that they possess the potential to surpass expectations and “become the best versions of themselves”
“During the initial induction process, the Pastoral Lead listens attentively to the stories shared by the young people to truly understand their needs and concerns.”
“As an inclusive community, everyone is welcomed into the school with open arms, creating an atmosphere that truly feels like family.”
“At Employability Solutions, young people can embrace their identities and express themselves freely.”
“The students unanimously express their admiration for the teachers and support staff.”
“The teachers go above and beyond their academic duties by treating students like family, providing emotional support and creating a safe and nurturing environment.”
“The students talk about how the staff treat them with respect and unconditional disregard. They appreciate the genuine care and understanding they receive, ensuring that their voices are heard and their individual needs are met.”
“The efforts made by the school to address the diverse needs of the students were highly appreciated. Teachers were recognised for going above and beyond, utilising various strategies and approaches to meet each child’s individual requirements.”

What We Offer


Nationally Accredited Qualifications

Entry level up to Level 2 qualifications

Vocational Skills

Tasters in a range of occupational sectors linked to the world of work

Transition & Careers Education

Help to plan for the future and enhanced support to take next steps for young people aged 14-25 with an Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

Employment Support

Intensive mentoring and managed work experience with supportive coaches from our Youth Hub

We have launched a legacy fund in memory of three former students who tragically lost their lives. This new fund will award three grants of up to £1,000 each year to a young person who will promote the education, safety and mental health of their peers within their local communities.

Welcome from Claire

founder & PROPRIETOR

“I believe that alternative education should be just that… ’alternative to, not less than’ mainstream education. I have always been fiercely passionate about challenging conventional wisdom and doing things differently, and since opening the doors in 2012, with our unique approach, we have consistently produced excellent outcomes, both academic and pastoral for our students; transforming young lives and building resilient communities in the process.”

Our Mission

To transform young lives and build resilient communities through high-quality alternative education.

Our Vision

An empowered generation of employable young people making a positive contribution to society.

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Anyone is welcome to enquire about enrolment and referrals.

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Sue, Parent

“I was reluctant to agree to move Liam out of mainstream but I’m so glad I did. Employability Solutions was the best thing that happened to us all as a family, not just for Liam. I felt staff at ES understood our needs and listened to us. Liam’s anxiety settled, his attendance improved, and he passed his exams. Honestly, if it was not for the team at ES never giving up and not stopping believing in Liam, I dread to think where he may have ended up Liam chose to stay on and do 6th form at ES and is now settled on a construction course and is loving it”.

Jordanna former student, now employed as a receptionist

“I went to 9 different schools before I came to ES. I never thought I would stick at education, but it was different here…they made me take responsibility for my own actions. I learned so much by going through the mistakes process with the staff.”

Mandy, Parent

“Their conviction for keeping kids safe and never giving up on them is commendable”

News & Resources

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As part of the anniversary, Employability Solutions have created a social art exhibition. Inspired by Humans of New York, the 20-image exhibition, called ‘Humans of ES’ was photographed by managing director, Chris Chinnock, and aims to convey...

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Q&A with Claire Cook

Q&A with Claire Cook

In honour of Neurodiversity Celebration week, our proprietor Claire, sat down to discuss her experiences with neurodiversity!Can you tell us about your experience with Neurodiversity and your diagnosis?I identify as an autistic woman with a formal diagnosis of ADHD...

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