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What we offer

We understand that conventional education just isn’t right for everybody. Sometimes, young people need an alternative approach to learning in order to ensure a stable future. They need supportive people in a safe place, and the opportunity to see their actions have direct consequences upon themselves and the world around them. They need a sense of control and accountability in everything that they do, so that they can learn from their mistakes and become empowered to make real changes in their life.

We’ve created a range of different paths that all lead to recognised, accredited qualifications. Although we categorise programmes into three areas for 14-16 year olds, young people can and often do choose to take modules from different programmes to earn credit towards certification. We understand that different things work for different people.

We do all that we can to go beyond providing just education, delivering the much-needed coaching, support and inspiration that transforms struggling young people into self-reliant young adults. Every young person will be assigned a personal coach who gets to know them on an individual basis, and acts as a mentor throughout their time with us. We go that extra mile to offer integrity, responsibility and citizenship – giving them every opportunity to internalise and practice these values.


An Alternative Community Education scheme for those who just don’t fit in with mainstream education.

School Programmes

Supportive in-school programmes designed to help struggling pupils realise their potential.

A.C.E – Alternative Community Education

For those who struggle with mainstream education, we’ve developed a programme called ‘A.C.E’ – Alternative Community Education. This is a part-time programme that provides pastoral care and support, we listen and nurture our students through an education that works for them as a person. The curriculum is flexible and especially adapted to each individual. Throughout our programme we:


Use small classes to help create a close community and sense of belonging.


Offer access to Maths and English Functional Skills qualifications from Entry 1 to Level 2.


Provide vocational taster courses in Hairdressing, Sport, Cookery, Expressive Arts, Media Studies, Business Administration and Customer Services.


Can help to attain a valuable PHSE Certificate.


Offer Community Volunteering and Work Experience, to give children real introduction to working life.


Give all our students a coach and mentor who’s there to support and understand their individual needs.


Arrange external placements and bring in guest speakers to inspire potential.


Offer a comprehensive Counselling Service, as well as Personal Social Development.

Referrals must come via your Local Authority Alternative Provision Team (Liverpool – Jacquie Wilkie)

“Employability Solutions helped me to prepare for my apprenticeship interview – I walked into the interview with a positive attitude, my questions all prepared and they reminded me not to forget to smile, I got the job, I’m made up.”

Schools Programme

For young people aged 14-16 who are “at risk” of falling away from mainstream education, we offer a flexible programme of Coaching and Mentoring.

We will create a package of support especially for each individual. We can offer support in a wide range of issues, including Bullying, Hate Crime, Resilience, Exam Stress, Emotional Intelligence, Career Exploration, Team Work, Confidence and Self Esteem.

When enrolled on the programme they will be assigned a personal coach, who will work with them closely. The coach will help them set goals for themselves, and talk with them about their problems. They will always be on the young person’s side.

This one-to-one work is intensive, and aims to help them understand how to make promises to themselves and others, and how good it feels when they keep them. We will help them become a committed person of true integrity.

Schools can purchase in-house packages of support that can be tailored to meet the PSHE curriculum or act as extra-curricular activities by getting in touch with Occasionally, subject to funding, Employability Solutions might be able to offer these services for free.

Schools, we offer off-site education…

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