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You can help with money or time…

We need donations.

The harsh reality is that donations help to support the vulnerable children of our community. They can’t get on the bus for free, they aren’t gifted free hot meals! Many of them are socially and financially excluded. When we tell you every pound counts it REALLY does, let us show you how


£1 = a basic resource pack containing pen, paper and wallet to store work

£2 = An enrichment activity like African drumming, salsa or a fitness class.

£3 = Gives a young person a healthy nutritious hot meal.

£4 = a pen drive to store electronic documents.

£5 = Gets a student to and from education safely.

£40 = Provides a young person with 1 to 1 care from a counsellor.

How to donate

It’s simple to donate and it takes literally a minute thanks to our technical geeks! Just click below to donate, every donation directly helps the young people of our community.