Employability Solutions is a registered independent school that provides alternative education for young people aged 14-24 who thrive in a more nurturing environment compared with mainstream schools.

We understand that conventional education just isn’t right for everybody. Sometimes, young people need an alternative approach to learning in order to ensure a stable future. They need supportive people in a safe place, and the opportunity to see their actions have direct consequences upon themselves and the world around them. They need a sense of control and accountability in everything that they do so that they can learn from their mistakes and become empowered to make real changes in their life.

We’ve created a range of different paths that all lead to recognised, accredited qualifications. Although we categorise programmes into three areas for those who are 19 years of age or above, people can and often do choose to take modules from different programmes to earn credit towards certification. We understand that different things work for different people.

We do all that we can to go beyond providing just education, delivering much-needed coaching, support and inspiration. Everyone we work with is assigned a personal coach who gets to know them on an individual basis and acts as a mentor throughout their time with us. We go that extra mile to offer integrity, responsibility and citizenship – giving young people every opportunity to internalise and practice these values.

Alternative Education

For those who require a more therapeutic approach, our full-time education programme provides a curriculum designed to be flexible and responsive to meet the needs of each student. We provide outstanding pastoral care and support that nurtures our students through an education that works for them.

Throughout our programme we:

  • Offer a comprehensive PSHE curriculum
  • Use small classes to help create a close community and sense of belonging
  • Functional Skills qualifications in Maths and English from Entry 1 to Level 2
  • Provide vocational taster courses in a range of industries
  • Offer community volunteering and work experience, to give young people a real introduction to working life
  • Give all our students a coach and mentor who’s there to support and understand their individual needs
  • Arrange external placements and bring in guest speakers to inspire potential
  • Acces to a comprehensive package of theraputic interventions

MY Route

MY Route is a flexible programme of study built around young person’s needs, interests and aspirations.

Everyone involved will be assigned a Key Worker who will provide personalised support, coaching and mentoring throughout their time with us. The Key Worker will help them identify and address barriers to progression, giving them all the support they can to help them sort out their problems. They will always, always, be on their side.

There’s a range of options on the course to choose from, to help young people get to where they want to be. These include Personal and Social Development, Skills Development, Employability Skills, Further Education or study options, and support in landing work or volunteer placements. Throughout their time with us, they’ll be given Information Advice and Guidance (IAG).

We try and keep things out of the classroom as much as we can at first, and we strive to involve employers wherever possible. This could involve workplace visits, where young people can learn about how businesses work and practice interviews.

We offer choice and flexibility over what they learn, but more importantly we give them freedom on how they learn.

Each programme is built independently around each individual. Programmes generally last for one year and participants spend between 3 and 5 days per week at college, out on work experience placements or volunteering.

Employability Solutions provides every young person on programme with a free breakfast and lunch cooked onsite, fresh each day. We firmly believe that no learner should ever go hungry.

In addition to this, we provide a non-means tested learning bursary of £8.00 per day. In some cases we can provide financial support to cover the cost of travel to and from college, and even childcare expenses.

Work Experience

Work experience gives young people a great opportunity to spend time on an employer’s premises, learning what the world of work is really like. They can observe the workplace, undertake tasks alongside adults working there, and learn the skills and behaviours needed at work.

Work experience is designed to bridge the gap between education and the world of work. It can help the directionless become aware of jobs they’ve not previously thought of, offer them a chance to prove themselves to an employer, enable them to develop the relevant occupational skills and help develop the attitudes and behaviours expected at work.

At Employability Solutions, we work with a strong supportive network of local employers, entrepreneurs and social enterprise businesses to cultivate work placements that not only serve to meet the needs of the young person but also the needs of the employer. Wherever possible we aim to build local links with local employers, in our ongoing effort to strengthen the local economy and create local jobs for local people.

About The Programme

Working Futures provides a personalised package of support. We do our best to lead young people to skills, training and development to enhance the individuals’ confidence and employability skills that will help them take their next step in life, whether that be towards an apprenticeship, further education or employment.

This programme is delivered over various lengths of delivery, these include short term which is up to 2 weeks, medium term which is up to 12 weeks and long term which is delivered up to a year, each programme is selected to the individuals needs and abilities.

Youth Hub

Working Futures is a flexible, engaging and supportive programme for young people who are not in education, employment and training (NEET) – or at risk of becoming NEET – and who reside within the boroughs of Knowsley and Liverpool.

The programme delivers a personalised package of support for young people – leading, where appropriate, to accredited Employability, Personal & Social Development, vocational or Functional / Life Skills qualifications – to enable them to progress to and achieve in education/ training, employment/apprenticeships, or as volunteers.


  • Age 16-24
  • Live in the borough of residence of Knowsley or Liverpool
  • Employment/ training status: NEET, or at risk of becoming NEET

Programme Delivery

All programmes can be individually tailored to be completed in a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of a year dependant on the individuals needs and abilities.

Key Workers (KWs)

Every participant has a Key Worker to provide personalised support, coaching and mentoring throughout the programme, and to be the first point of contact for the young person. KWs will identify and address barriers to progression, providing advocacy and brokerage of specialist support services to meet individual needs, providing the individual focus and attention that too often they have not previously received.

Individualised Core Programme

Young people will be offered a range of options to build a programme that suits them, including:

  • Personal and Social Development
  • Skills Development
  • Employability Skills
  • FE/Study Options
  • Barrier Removal, e.g. health, finance etc
  • Working or Volunteering Placements

Information Advice and Guidance

IAG is embedded throughout all learning and education programmes at Employability Solutions.

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