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Platform for change

Employability Solutions launches a legacy fund in memory of three former students who tragically lost their lives. The fund aims to award 3 grants of up to £1000 each year to a young person who will use the grant to promote the education, safety or mental health of young people within their communities.

Our Platform for Change Legacy Fund has been set up in remembrance of three young men – Brandon Regan, 17, Daniel Jamieson, 16, and Jamie Buckley, 18. Brandon and Daniel were both victims of knife crime.

With the full support of their parents, this new fund will award three grants of up to £1,000 each year to a young person who will promote the education, safety and mental health of their peers within their local communities.

Platform for Change Legacy Fund Dates

First Round

Launches and opens 17th April 23
Closes 26th May 23
Panel 6th June 23
Announcement 9th June 23

Second Round

Opens 4th Sep 23
Closes 20th Oct 23
Panel 31st Oct 23
Announcement 3rd Nov 23

Third Round

Opens 8th Jan 24
Closes 9th Feb 24
Panel 20th Feb 24
Announcement 23rd Feb 24

“It’s hard work being a grieving mother. I am living a life sentence. “

Mandy Jamieson, Daniel Jamieson’s mother

“Every single day is exactly the same. When I close my eyes at night I see Daniel. Every morning I wake up it’s the same because you realise he’s gone. 

“When your child has been taken like mine has been taken, it’s another level – and it’s not just something you can get over. 

“If we are in a position to help these kids then why not!? Because what it does is show them that there is an actual different path. You don’t have to join a gang; you don’t have to go around stabbing people, or carry a knife.”

“People need to grasp the fact that in Liverpool, gun and knife crime is rising – and it could happen to you; you could lose your child.”

“Bran, Danny and Jamie have never been forgotten by us and with the blessing of their parents Mandy, Julie and Donna, we want to make sure they are always remembered.”

– Claire Cook

“We know ourselves how much investments like this can help people transform their future. Our business began with a small start-up grant, and so we are looking forward to being able to give back and afford opportunities to those who may usually miss out due to financial barriers.

We are also inviting members of the local community to contribute and invest in the fund in the name of Bran, Danny and Jamie.

“10 years ago, Nadia and I set out on a mission to transform the lives of young people and promote resilience through specialist alternative education. Today, Employability Solutions has grown its impact across Merseyside and West Yorkshire, empowering the lives of over 2,000 young people to date.

“However, our job is not done. We have huge ambitions for the next 10 years, ready to take on the challenge of creating safe communities, and we hope the local community will work with us to achieve this mission.”

Employability Solutions are open to investors in the fund. For more information about how you can contribute, email