Elyas’ Story

Elyas’ Background

Elyas came to Youth Hub after leaving Afghanistan in the summer of 2021. He stated he would like to study law, look for work and achieve his Maths and English qualifications. Elyas attended most of his education in Afghanistan but due to the ongoing issues his country faced he completed and graduated from high school over in California in May of 2021. Elyas faced many barriers when arriving in Liverpool. His education was disrupted, and his home life completely changed. He has now had to integrate into a completely different culture, new food and new ways of life.

First Steps

We started by helping Elyas to update his CV and then getting him onto a first aid course. 

We also helped Elyas in applying for an access course in Humanities at a local college and helped him through his UCAs application in preparation for 2023.

Elyas was also supported in gaining a role in liaising with Afghan families and signposting them to Youth Hub and STEC for relevant support.

Whilst on our programme

Whilst on Youth Hub, Elyas signed up for our Functional Skills (FS) programme to gain his Level 2 in both English and Maths. Elyas’ speaking and listening skills are brilliant but in order for him to gain more confidence and be ready for college/university in September it was key for Elyas to enrol on FS.

He has been able to work alongside other young people and practise his skills. Furthermore, Elyas was also able to complete a first-aid course provided by STEC. This was something that Elyas was then able to add to his CV.

Elyas then worked closely with Lynn Locke from Jayne Moore Media and Mark Ord at Speak Training and Education Centre (STEC). They recognised a need for liaison between the STEC and Afghanistan community. Therefore Lynn was able to create the role of ‘Afghanistan Liaison Officer’ for Elyas.

More recently Elyas has attended the University of Liverpool with Lauren who discusess a pathway for Elyas to study law. Elyas is receiving support from Youth Hub to apply for an access course in Humanities at the City of Liverpool College.

Next Steps

Elyas will continue to work at STEC and The Reach within his role as Afghanistan liaison officer and is working closely with Afghanistan resettlers. Elyas is also continuing with his Functional Skills where he will work towards achieving his Level 2. In September, Elyas will be continuing his education at the City of Liverpool College studying Access to Higher Education in Humanities which will allow him to further his education at university where Elyas hopes to study law.

Our Mission

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Our Vision

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