Keira’s Story

Kiera’s Background

Kiera joined the Youth Hub after the pandemic had halted her employment. She had previous experience of waitressing in a restaurant environment. Kiera had previously started an apprenticeship as a hairdresser but did not enjoy that particular environment. Kiera has limited contact with her mum and lived with her nan, grandad and uncle. Unfortunately whilst at Youth Hub, Kiera’s grandad passed away and her nan was taken ill which provided extra challenges for her. On top of this Kiera also suffers from anxiety and lacks confidence in herself.

First Steps

Kiera also attended Job Club which mainly looked at barriers to employment. Her self-confidence was her main barrier. She was referred to the Wonderful Me programme run at STEC and was able to gain some self-confidence and skills to create a more positive outlook on herself and her future.

Furthermore, Kiera was able to develop her CV and tailor it to suit specific jobs which she applied for with our help.

Whilst on our programme

Kiera applied for various jobs with us and we were able to work on her interview skills and techniques.

We looked at her returning to a hairdresser apprenticeship, enrolling at college to study hair and beauty or applying for kickstart and full-time admin roles. 

Kiera reviewed her options and decided not to continue with her hairdressing ambition. Kiera still remained ambitious to earn her own money and continued to look at her other options. Despite this Kiera’s confidence remained low and so it was decided to refer her to MYA for counselling. 

After the weekly check-in, Kiera was able to return to the Youth Hub to work with us face-to-face. Kiera was presented with the opportunity to start as a customer service advisor for HR GO recruitment which she has decided to take. She has a friend who works for the same company and is happy to have a familiar face at work. She states she is looking forward to gaining some routine in her day-to-day life.

Next Steps

Kiera will start her training for her role as a customer service advisor for HR GO recruitment at the beginning of October. Kiera is also taking her driving test next week so hopefully will be driving soon. This in turn will be a massive boost to Kiera’s confidence.

Kiera is aware that Nicola from MYA is still there if she needs counselling. Youth Hub will remain in contact to ensure her well-being is intact and to offer any extra support she may need.

Our Mission

To transform young lives and build resilient communities through high-quality alternative education.

Our Vision

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