Benafsha’s Story

Benafsha’s Story

Benafsha’s Background

Benafsha came to the Youth Hub wanting to find employment in healthcare with the long-term goal of progressing into a nursing role. Benafsha had short voluntary experiences for places such as Roy Castle Lung Foundation and Claire House Children’s Hospice, however, she had never been in paid employment before. Benafsha also helps her mum care for her brother at home. Her main barriers to employment were her lack of confidence and her ability to communicate effectively with others.

First Steps

Benafsha attended Job Club regularly, here she was able to practice her interview skills, improve her CV and improve her cover letter writing skills. She was able to build up her confidence and enrol on a first aid course.

Whilst on our Programme

Whilst on Youth Hub Benafsha has updated her CV and is now competent at writing a cover letter for any future job applications.

Benafsha met with Lauren regularly to enhance her interview skills and understand the interview process better. In September 2021, Benafsha began studying functional skills whilst on Youth Hub. In September 2021, Benafsha then progressed to college to continue studying Maths and English.

Benafsha came to Youth Hub with the idea that she wanted to work in healthcare. Benafsha was successful in her interviews to become a care worker but after some consideration decided she was not ready for that level of responsibility just yet. We began to search for roles which were more back of house and somewhere where she will be more able to practise her communication in a small environment. Benafsha came across a kickstart role with AMEY PLC as a trainee cleaner, she was successful at interview and was offered a role which worked around her college hours. Whilst waiting on her DBA, Benafsha used her time to become a certified first aider.

Next Steps

Benafsha will continue to work for AMEY PLC as a cleaner which will allow her to increase her confidence when communicating with members of the public whilst also practising her English. She is also working towards her Levels 2 and 3 in Maths and English at the City of Liverpool College. This will allow Benafsha to further study nursing at university which is one of her long-term goals.

Our Mission

To transform young lives and build resilient communities through high-quality alternative education.

Our Vision

An empowered generation of employable young people making a positive contribution to society.

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