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Recent Email Hack Advice and Guidance

Regrettably some of our members of staff email addresses have been hacked. The email addresses we have identified as being hacked include and

The emails in question are a phishing scam. We have reported both emails to Microsoft, Google and the National Cyber Security Centre as phishing scams.

If you receive one of these please delete the email immediately then go to your email trash or bin and delete it from there also.

In one case the email warns of an overdue invoice and asks for payment back to a Xero account. Do not open this link or make any payments.

The other advises that it would like to share a document with you. Do not click the link to share the document. It will open in one drive and ask you to sign in using your microsoft credentials.

Steps to take if you have opened any links.

Disconnect your device from the internet, turn off any wifi or pull out any ethernet cables.This will reduce the risk of malware spreading to other devices on your network, prevent the malware from sending out sensitive information from your device, and keep someone from remotely accessing your device.

You should always have antivirus and malware software on your device, which may detect any threat. However you should take the following precautions if you have opened any of the emails or links. Ensure any virus or malware software is up to date. Run a full scan (not a quick scan) on this software, immediately. This may take some time but be prepared to wait and let the full scan run its course. It is worthwhile running a security scan on any devices associated with your accounts, such as mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

Look to ensure your operating system is up to date so it can protect you from any malicious threats

Change your passwords on your devices e.g. laptop, phone, tablet, especially the devices and programs used to open the email, such as Microsoft or Gmail. If you think you have been tricked by the scam change all online credentials, such as usernames, passwords, online banking, Amazon, Ebay and social media accounts. If you have used these online usernames and passwords anywhere else change them immediately too.

If you require any support with any of the above steps, or have any concerns, please call  us and we will ask our IT support to contact you and guide you.

We will be contacting everyone in due course individually to advice of further arrangements.