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Who We Are

Who we are

Employability Solutions is a registered Independent School offering an alternative secondary education for young people who thrive in a smaller, more nurturing setting than mainstream schools.

At ES we believe one size does not fit all. Our curriculum is underpinned by a desire to enable all students to develop their personal, social, academic and employability skills to a level which enables them to lead meaningful, independent and happy lives.

All our education programmes are flexible, individually tailored and give young people the opportunity to explore a range of vocational pathways which sets them up for their future.

We want to inspire a generation of happy, healthy, employable young people with equal access to opportunities in education as well as at home, work, in their community and in life. 

What we do

We transform young lives and build resilient communities through unique education and employability programmes that are individually developed to meet the needs of each and every student we care for.

We do this by offering accredited training, personal guidance, support and access to a wider curriculum of enrichment activities as well as robust safeguarding measures to ensure we have a generation of happy, healthy, resilient young people.

In the last few years, and in partnership with other local entrepreneurs we have successfully launched vibrant, sustainable enterprise hubs managed by our students for the benefit of our community. See ‘Projects’ for more information.

Why we do it

We are fiercely passionate about what we do and committed to creating safer, vibrant communities and pathways out of poverty.

We love and care for the young people of our community, and feel it’s our duty to nurture and support them when they face significant barriers to learning and work.

Many of our students have gone on to apprenticeships, employment and even university after accessing an education that was the right ‘fit’ for them. 

Giving back…

Every penny of our profits is reinvested in the interest of improving our student’s health and wellbeing. We provide our students with healthy nutritious meals, travel costs, enrichment activities and PHSE support. Throughout it all we strive to enrich our community with the services and skills our students learn along the way. We generate local jobs for local people.


“An empowered generation of employable young people making a positive contribution to society.”

Mission Statement

“To transform young lives and build resilient communities through high-quality alternative education” 

Ask us about this year’s
pledge, demonstrating our commitment to re-investing 100% of the profits by providing added-value experiences such as camping,
residentials, restaurant visits and more!